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What is the treatment process?

If necessary, cephalometric and panoramic touches are taken from the patient. Afterwards, photographs and plaster molds are taken from the patient documenting the initial state. Treatment planning is done on these records as a result of some analysis. Wires or other selected therapeutic orthodontic mechanics are applied to the patient by making the planned operations in the next 1-2 appointments. The treatment starts. Depending on the type of process being carried out, the controls start every 3 weeks to 10 weeks. Changes and activations are made to the wires.

This continues during the prescribed treatment period. The patient should do exactly what his doctor says during the treatment. Orthodontic treatment is a family-patient-doctor collaboration. The result depends on the knowledge, care and cooperation of the patient. If they are in place, treatment success is 100%.

After the removal of the wires at the end of the treatment, the reinforcing device, which is planned to keep the teeth in their new places without being moved, is applied. The doctor chooses this device according to the patient's initial and end state. A transparent plaque, a boxer-toothed apparatus, removable pads can be selected as a thin wire reinforcing device that adheres internally. The ideal reinforcement time should be half the active treatment time. There may be situations that do not require reinforcement, as well as situations where reinforcement is required for a long time. The reinforcement apparatus is slowly abandoned. Suddenly, treatment should not be stopped.