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Appliances are typically used to help break thumb, finger, tongue or pacifier sucking habits. In addition they can be used to help the jaw grow & align, correct crossbites, hold space for adult teeth, and be used as retainers.
It is very common for children to suck their thumbs from a very young age. It is a way for them to sooth themselves, and it is pleasurable. Most children tend to stop sucking their thumb on their own, but those who don’t may need help to break the habit, especially before their permanent teeth erupt.
Through positive counselling, your child’s dentist will ensure he/she doesn’t feel embarrassed about sucking his/her thumb, but rather is encouraged to try alternatives that are better for oral development. We have various tools to help with this.

Space maintainers img

Space maintainers are specific appliances that help maintain the gap in a child’s mouth for the adult tooth to come in. They also prevent irregular shifting and crowding of new teeth. It is important during regular check ups that we keep an eye on any bite or jaw issues in order to guide teeth properly as they emerge. If it is necessary we may talk to you about early orthodontics.